Friday, March 1, 2013

Autistic People Should Get Credit Where Credit Is Due

Trigger warning: Murder, erasure

Autism Speaks is one of the biggest autism "charities" around. They caught on to the fact that Google is eliminating the "die" search term for autism, of course. (How could they miss it? They actually have social media people.)
And they posted about it.
They apparently tip their hats to Google, but have nothing to say for us. Not a word.
They had no words for the flash blogs as they happened, and they have no words for us now. Words for us would require admitting that we did something, that Autistic people did something important without their help. They can't do that.
So go forth and make a crisis.
Make it so that they have no choices that look good to them, because they have to weather the fires of "You erased us from our own activism on our day when we mourn for people who were erased from the stories of their own lives and eventual murders,"  or admit that we did something without their help or guidance.
Hit them. Hit them hard. Get the credit you deserve. Refuse to be erased from the story of your own activism. We were loud enough to make Google pay attention, and sure, they have far less on the line than Autism Speaks, but they're a whole lot bigger than Autism Speaks too. We can make Autism Speaks pay attention too.

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