Friday, March 1, 2013

This is also why.

Trigger Warning: The google search autocompletes.
On Autistic People Should, I talked about why we're doing this, some. Here's some reasons for this one.
Googling Autistic People:

Apparently, people search that we are annoying, smart, and denied organ transplants.
Checking Facebook for the same. I didn't even finish typing, but Facebook already says we're dangerous and hard workers. They also say we hate Autism Speaks, which tends to be true, and with good reason. Their brand of awareness is responsible for a lot of problems. They could change these perceptions, but they reinforce them instead. 

Judy googled "autistic people are" and got autocomplete suggestions saying that we are:
  • annoying
  • smart
  • evil
  • r*****ed
It looks like we're also dangerous and rude.

And calling us people with autism? We're still apparently dangerous, smart, annoying, and stupid.
I think you can see the problem. Remember this, tomorrow, and blog.

Screenshot sources:
(1): ME!

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