Saturday, March 2, 2013

Not-Allistic: Autistic People Are

AUTISTIC PEOPLE ARE IMPORTANT. If you don’t learn anything else, then learn THAT. Autistics are NOT a burden and we are NOT so broken we have to prove our worth with nifty skills to be allowed to live in your world. Autistics have every right to live here, whether we do what YOU want us to or not. And when we DO get stuff done? It can be really cool. And it’s important. Because we are good at things. And it’s not always something you can even see, but it is important. And sometimes we do things that look flashy and shiny and cool, like inventing computers. Or relativity. Or the Declaration of Independence.

But AUTISTIC PEOPLE ARE worth more than just what we can do for NTs. We’re people. That makes us worth something anyway. You don’t always recognize us as people, so when we try to talk about why you shouldn’t kill us, because this world is so fucked up that we have to give you a reason NOT to commit murder, we talk about how we can do cool stuff like revolutionize science a few different times in history. But that’s just playing right into your hands.

So. Then you think maybe autistic people are okay, but only the ones who are like Jefferson and Avogadro and Gates, not the ones that aren’t really smart and really cool. You say that THOSE AUTISTICS OVER THERE have the minds of three-year-olds.

But someone with the actual mind of a three-year-old? STILL NOT OKAY TO KILL THEM, OR HURT THEM. So you think the autistic has the mind of a three-year-old. So let’s take an actual three-year-old. Okay to kill them? Of course not! Well, maybe it’s because they’ll grow up, maybe you only value the grown-up the three-year-old is going to become.

So let’s say the three-year-old has a disease. And it’s not going to hurt, like autism isn’t going to hurt (not that autism makes you immune to diseases that DO hurt, like all the GI issues biomed parents go on and on about), but let’s say it’ll painlessly kill the kid the day they turn four.

OK to kill them now? OK to do whatever you want to? OK to treat the kid like autistics get treated? OK to throw them in an institution or something?

If you think that’s okay, YOU aren’t okay. But I’m okay.

Autistic people are okay. That’s all I’m saying.

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