Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yes, That Too: Autistic People Are.

Reprinted from Yes, That Too

We are teachers, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, friends, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, shopkeepers, activists, advocates, farmers, dentists, cashiers, mailpeople, police officers, everything that non-autistic people are, Autistics, autistic people, and people with autism all are, all can be.
We are what we decide to be.
And we are strong.
Yes, really.
Autistic people are strong, because we have to be.
Autistic people are courageous, because we have to be.
We shouldn't have to be.
We shouldn't have to be brave in order to be ourselves. We shouldn't live in a world where moving the way it comes naturally for us to move, using our bodies the way it comes naturally, is a courageous act of rebellion.
That's the world where we live.
Autistic people are navigating a world not designed for us.
It should be designed so as to at least not hurt us, but we don't even get that level of access.
Autistic people are a part of human diversity.
The world should realize this. It so often doesn't.
Autistic people are.
We just are.

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