If Your Autistic People Are Post Protests Autism Speaks

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Remember, the point is to make sure they know: Autistic people are refusing to be erased from their own activism.

Anonymus Maximus: In which Anonymus Maximus talks some more about what Autistic People Are...
The Caffeinated Aspie: Being Erased
Shaping Clay: Autistic People Are Not Going To Take This Lying Down.
Spectrum View: Autistic People Are Not Letting Autism Speaks Erase Us From Our Success

Unstrange Mind: Autistic People Are... Not To Be Underestimated

Yes, That Too: Autistic People Are Refusing To Be Erased From Their Own Activism, Autism Speaks

Posts whose authors can't share to the Autism Speaks Facebook page (SHARE THESE IF YOU CAN.)


  1. http://spectrumviews.blogspot.com/2013/03/autistic-people-are-not-letting-autism.html

  2. How To Social Media Crisis: A Guide: http://timetolisten.blogspot.com/2013/02/how-to-social-media-crisis-sort-of-guide.html
    This is a good start.