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Note: Being linked here only means that the post was written at approximately the right time, is on topic of "Autistic People Should...", and is positive and/or protests Autism Speaks erasure of the Autistic People Should Flashblog from the changes Google is making because of it. It is not an endorsement of the authors or their other posts.
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Completed the Sentence

Signal Boost Posts
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that cynking feeling: Autistic people are...

Not Really For This, But Relevant
The Autism Onion: The Search Engine Nightmare, Parts 1 and 2.


  1. I worked on this all week before the AS fiasco. and just published it.

    I'm sure I will publish a protest too today

    1. Repling to your email Brenda. yes, and yes! Thank you and good morning!

    2. Thank you! And good morning! Good to see you.

  2. Autistic people are my heroes. All of you bloggers certainly are. <3

  3. not sure how to link to the blogroll. yea i'm a bit challenged at times. here's what I wrote and the link to my Autistic People Are post.

    Autistic People SHOULD BE LISTENED TO and given credit by Autism Speaks. Autistic People should be included, NOT excluded!!

  4. Autistic people are a diverse community of individuals that represent a spectrum of talents, interests, dreams, plans for today and all of the tomorrows yet to be; fighting for inclusion and acceptance by our shared society.

  5. Mine is a finish-the-sentence post. Awesome to see another flashblog up today!

  6. Autistic people are speaking for themselves! Nothing about us without us!

  7. I have written a post about "Autistic People Are Whatever They Want To Be," which includes some sentence completion, other discussion, and examples of character professions from my poetic series An Army of One: The Autistic Secession in Space. Hopefully this will encourage folks to diversify their portrayals of autistic people in nonfiction and in literature. My post appears on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal:

  8. Here is my contribution. I hoped H would assist - but apparently he is too busy building contraptions and inventing in the garage.

  9. Here's my post (Autistic People Are Faithful) as a person on the spectrum.

  10. Autistic people are people...and reflections from the past week.

  11. Just finished my post: Autistic People Are Writers.

  12. Autistic people are tired of fighting for our rights, that doesn't mean we will stop!
    Autistic people are more than our diagnosis, we are part of humanity.


  14. I posted this yesterday in the #autistic people are tag on tumblr.

  15. I have written a blogpost on my blog.

    Autistic People Are Amazing....